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151 S694 Dr. Paul L. Atcheley & Mary Ann Morris Thompson, "Atchley Family History - Including: Long, Maples, Scoggin, and Griffith Families"  ((Knoxville:TN, Chandler Printers, 1965)).
152 S1954 Augusta County Land Recorder, "Augusta County, Virginia Land Deed Books"  (21 May 1782, Land Transfer, Augusta Co., VA, Deed Book #23, p. 448;).
153 S341 Phelps, Morris Charles, "Autobiography of Morris Charles Phelps"  (diaries, n.d., Lines, Maxine Phelps, Salt Lake City : Genealogical Society of Utah).
154 S401 Babcock, Stephen, "Babcock and Allied Families Genealogy"  ((Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1903) NEHGS #P3-01700).
155 S151 Banks, Charles Edward, 1854-1931. (Added), "Banks genealogical collection"  ((Washington : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1978); LC CALL NO.: CS434 Microfilm 51304; FORMAT: Book [Microform] ; LCCN: 84-187195).
156 S1945 comp. Lorraine Cook White, "Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records: Haddam, CT"  ((Baltimore:MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1996)).
157 S118 compiled by Captain John A. Barskdale, "Barksdale family history and genealogy with collateral lines"  ((Richmond, Va. : Printed by the William Byrd Press, 1940); ISBN: 0-916497-62-3 (microfiche); LC CALL NO.: Microfiche85/149(C); FORMAT: Book [Microform]).
158 S898 Barnard, Walter Charles, 1931- (Main), "Barnard and Allied Families"  (([S.l.] : Barnard, 1980- ), LC CALL NO.: CS71.B2741980; LCCN: 80-113617).
159 S553 Preston, Belle, "Bassett-Preston Ancestry"  ((Pittsburgh, PA. : Reed & Witting Co., 1960), LC CALL NO.: CS71.R2841960b, LCCN: 95-117216).
160 S1626 By the Duchess of Cleveland, "Battle Abbey Roll"  ((Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1889), NEHGS #P2-85600).
161 S1022 Johnson, James Keith, 1930-, "Becoming prominent : regional leadership in Upper Canada, 1791-1841 / J.K. Johnson."  ((Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press, c1989.); ISBN: 0773506411 (alk. paper) LC Classification: F1056.8 .J64 1989).
162 S880 Bullard, Edgar John, 1872-, "Bennett and allied families; addenda to Bullard and allied families, by Edgar J. Bullard"  ((Detroit, Mich., 1931.)).
163 S114 Bennett, Archibald Fowler, 1896-1965, "Bennett family pedigree chart and other genealogical data, ca.1600-1965"  ((Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1941); Physical: on 1 microfilm reel : ill., facsims., geneal. table, ports. ; 35 mm;).
164 S1003 Jones, Betsy Elaine Harvel, "Bethune Family Research of Betsy Elaine Harvel Jones"  (Pedigree Resource File(http://www.FamilySearch.org, The Church f Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, n.d.)).
165 S968 Bethune-Tarry, Beverly Rose, "Bethune Family Research of Beverly Rose Bethune-Tarry"  (Family Group Sheets & photocopies of Documentation, September 13, 1999, John F. Rosser, Jr.).
166 S1007 Brown, Carol, "Bethune Family Research of Carol Ann Brown"  (March 27, 2001, See Text Source:).
167 S2041 Haslett, Catherine, "Bethune Family Research of Catherine Haslett"  (May 24, 2001; forwarded information by Marilyn J. Anderson).
168 S1010 Clarke, Jim, "Bethune Family Research of Jim Clarke"  (Descendants of Isabella Bethune(Napier, New Zealand, Jim Clarke, Thu 5/3/01 5:33 PM) , e-mail in the private archives of author).
169 S969 Rosser, John F. Jr., "Bethune Family Research of John F. Rosser"  (GEDCOM; Charts and Documentation, November 3, 1999, John F. Rosser, Jr.).
170 S1032 Fraser, John Robert Matthew, "Bethune Family Research of John Robert Fraser"  (e-mail documentation(internet, John Robert Matthew Fraser (bluebird@uniserve.com), September 4, 2000 - 10:58 PM)).
171 S1006 Banting, Judith, "Bethune Family Research of Judi and David Banting"  (Bethune Research, Thu 2/15/01 11:53 AM, Judi Banting).
172 S1073 Childow, Judith, "Bethune Family Research of Judith Childow"  (Saturday, June 23, 2001 9:01 PM, judith@childow.com).
173 S1011 Thomas W Bennion [twbennion@fayetteville.net], "Bethune Family Research of Linda Bennion"  (email documentation, Fri, 2 Jun 2000 14:08:25 -0400, Thomas W Bennion [twbennion@fayetteville.net]).
174 S981 Peterson, Marianne Ernestine Williams, "Bethune Family Research of Marianne Ernestine 'Mickey' Williams Peterson"  (Email Documentation & Hardcopy(internet, Marianne Ernestine Williams Peterson [mickeyorrann@planttel.net], Sun 12/17/00 12:42 PM); Hard copy package of documentation received Fri 01/05/01 by US Mail.).
175 S1002 Anderson, Marilyn J., "Bethune Family Research of Marilyn J. Anderson "  (May 24, 2001, Marilyn J. Anderson maintains Hard Copy files).
176 S2042 Valkenburg, Marilyn, "Bethune Family Research of Marilyn Valkenburg"  (May 30, 2001, e-mail correspondence).
177 S61 Andrews, Patti, "Bethune Family Research of Patti Andrews"  (Printed Genealogical Research(Internet, Patti Andrews [motesartnow@knology.net], Wed 9/24/2003 8:48 AM)).
178 S2003 Brown, Patty, "Bethune Family Research of Patty Brown"  (pre-May 2001, email: GenWebMontreal, coordinator of the MontrealGenWeb).
179 S2002 Woodruff, Roxanne, "Bethune Family Research of Roxanne Woodruff"  (pre May 2001, email: silkyspot@aol.com, http://www.geocities.com/heartland/Oaks/2189/Kittson.htm).
180 S1043 Tippett, Sandra Patricia, "Bethune Family Research of Sandra Patricia Tippett"  (Moss and Bethune Genealogical Data(Internet email, Sandra Patricia Tippett, Thu 4/19/01 8:55 PM)).
181 S2081 Rott, Terry, "Bethune Family Research of Terry Rott"  (bef May 31, 2001, 132 Lynnview Way SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2C 1T5).
182 S1030 Dunn, John A., "Bethune Family Research"  (Forwarded email from John Rossier(internet, John Dunn (jadunn@ok.freei.net), Friday, September 1, 2000 9:23 am)).
183 S998 Pas, Leo van de, "Bethune Genealogy"  ((Arizona, World Roots Archive, 1999) "Descendants of Robert III de Bethune" http://worldroots.com/~brigitte/theroff/bethune.htm/; Leo van de Pas, P.O. Box 79 Mosman Park, W.A. 6012 Australia: e-mail: leovdpas@iinet.au).
184 S999 Richards, Daphne Bethune, "Bethune-Balfour Genealogical Research"  (Family History Research (Perth, WA, Australia, Daphne Bethune Richards, 9 Jul 1999) , Internet Distribution of Family Research (http://www.q-net.net.au/~parich/Bethune.html, Daphne Richards (parich@q-net.net.au), 1999)).
185 S1400 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "Bible, Book of Mormon; Doctrine and Covenants; Pearl of Great Price"  ((Salt Lake City:UT, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1977)).
186 S253 Brown, Dr. James, "Bingham Genealogical Research of Dr. James Brown"  (GEDCOM posted on the AOL Genealogy Server, 1995, Dr. James Brown).
187 S1570 deWit, Louis Bingham, "Bingham Genealogical Research"  (e-mail, 1996-1997., (Lou545@aol.com) Louis Bingham deWit, 545 Sawyer Way, Sparks, NV 89431-2265 (702) 358-3571).
188 S1785 Palmer, Gregory. (Main) Sabine, Lorenzo, 1803-1877. Biographical sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution. (Added), "Biographical sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution"  ((Westport, CT : Meckler, c1984); ISBN: 0-930466-14-4 : ; LC CALL NO.: E277.P241984; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 83-12137).
189 S623 Dexter, Franklin Bowditch, 1842-1920., "Biographical sketches of the graduates of Yale College : with annals of the college history / by Franklin Bowditch Dexter."  ((New York : Holt, 1885-1912);).
190 S877 Drake, Samuel A., "Biographies of Middlesex, MA"  (Biographical Reviews, Vol. XXVII, Bio Reviews Vol. XXVII ... Middlesex, MA pg. 401).
191 S2033 Zeliff, Karen E., "Biography of Max Wellborn, Jr."  (e-mail source(2899 Greystone Cove North, Atlanta, GA 30341, Karen E. Zeliff, December 14, 20000)).
192 S2032 Hopkins, Linton C., "Biography of Maximilian Bethune Wellborn"  (([S.l.], Darby Printing, 1960)).
193 S499 Willis, Bob, "Block Island Archives of Records, Documents and Genealogical Data"  (Block Island Documentation, 1996, Bob Willis, 95 Depot St., S. Easton, MA 02374 (508) 230-3678:).
194 S1722 Coldham, Peter Wilson, "Bonded Passengers to America. 9 vols. in 3."  ((Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983. Vol. 3. London, 1656-1775.); 179p., Source Code: 1217.3).
195 S945 Locke, John G., "Book of the Lockes"  ((Boston:MA, NEHGS, 1853), NEHGS #P3-35200).
196 S1069 "Bossier Banner Progress"  (Plain Dealing, LA. 318-326-4786).
197 S1827 Boston. Registry Dept. (Main) Appleton, William S. (William Sumner), 1840-1903. (Added), "Boston births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths, 1630-1699 : Boston births, 1700-1800"  ((Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1978); ISBN: 0-8063-0810-9 ; LC CALL NO.: F73.25.B76421978; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 78-55591 //r873).
198 S675 Boston. Registry Dept. (Main) McGlenen, Edward Webster. (Added), "Boston marriages from 1700 to 1809"  ((Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1977); ISBN: 0-8063-0784-6 (v. 1) 0-8063-0785-4 (v. 2) ; LC CALL NO.: F73.25.B76421977; FORMAT: Book ; LCCN: 77-82701 //r84).
199 S21 compiled by Lynn James Boulter [(E-ADDRESS), & MAILING ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], Sandy, UT, 84070, "BOULTER5," supplied by Boulter; copy held by [RESEARCHER & CONTACT INFORMATION FOR PRIVATE USE]\..
200 S136 Boughton, Willis A., "Bouton, Boughton, and Farnhan Families"  ((Lansing:MI, n.p. 1949) Library of Michigan #CS 71 B6862; Thornton Bingham Genealogical Research).

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